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portfolio is an ecommerce website running on Magento platform with Responsive Web Design. By using dropshipping service, it has about 620 simple products and 10 configurable products.


Develop a custom shipping method, email with attached personal pdf file, for . When customers select this method, customer will not only get the selected image, also a personal greeting message at the bottom of the image from the website.

Customized Sphider search engine for to let the users be able to search by domain, select the search results, categorize the result and convert the results to pdf files.

Develop an additional email address for customer, so he or she can also receive another order confirmation email for this additional email addresses running on Enterprise Magento.
Develop a carrier instruction and future delivery date module to sell here, so the customers can specify instruction and future delivery date for the carrier in the one page checkout.
showing the product view page at home page. It will be shown based on the product of user’s account city, last product view page, or the product view page of default location..
Help client to port the "what to buy' menu from old ASP/.NET platform to new Magento platform
Fix the refund subtracting the portion of free shipping coupon fee problem when reimburse the customer partial order item.
Link guest checkout order to his or her customer account..
Add new feature and fix bugs for the C-iT project of Verizon Wireless using PHP, Zend Framework , jQuery, CSS and HTML.