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Deposit to start the project

1. Except the reputable US companies or those in bay area SF, company need to pay
    40% deposit for the first week of their project  ($600 to $960) to start it. Customers 
    pay the deposit up-front to show their commitment to  the project. We will show the 
    project progress on our site, then transfer our code to their website after they pay
    the weekly invoice.
2. Customers need to pay the company weekly from the first week., $1500 is the minimum acceptable price of the project.
3. If customers checkout here more than $2400 in advance then I will work on their website directly. If these customers
    have a discount code, they will get 10% discount in advance.
4. Minimum charge for web (Mage) develop or web design is 5 hours, for SEO/SEM is 4 hours. This charge is only for project
    evaluation or initial local machine setup. It does not include the real implementation.
5. Set up fee for each additional CMS page is $60, CMS page needs third party resource such as direction, affiliates menu
    of this website costs $240 each..
6. Each website maximum sale items is 60 simple products ( 30 for website leasing), set up fee for each additional simple
    product item is $5 without image editing, $7 with image editing.
7. Website sale only includes two payment gateways and one shipping gateway, set up fee for each additional gateway
    is $300.
8. Each additional language is $1550, additional Magento store is $1750 at the front end. and each additional item setup fee
    will be $4 without image editing and $6 with image editing.
9. If you find template or module extension meets your requirement, let us know. If it works then it will save you at least 50%
    of the budget. If not, we can help you to debug it by $60 hourly rate.
10. We can provide our enterprise customers one week trial version of our extensions if your hosting provider uses Facebook
      HHVM virtual machine, or installs the ionCube loader at Linux /usr/local/ioncube or Windows \windows\system32 folder.